It’s never been easier to enter competitions online.

Since CompSpot launched in 2018, we’ve been adding features to constantly improve the site and help grow the online competition community in Australia.
We’ve had some feedback and some great suggestions, including our Rhymespot tool which assists with words or less competitions and our CompLog which tracks every single competition that you enter.
One of the main things we’ve focused on though is making our website as user friendly as possible. We’ve made it easy to add competitions, earn points and have recently added a chatroom for our members to converse. Not only that, we’ve ensured that all of this can be done on a mobile device.
In these modern times, we’re finding that a lot of our members are using mobile devices to enter competitions. Whether that’s through the CompSpot site or via our Facebook group, which is growing continuously.
Whether you’re; entering, adding or just talking with other members about competitions, it’s all available at the tip of your fingers.

Enter Competitions Quickly

If you have an iPhone and use the Safari browser you can save time entering competitions.
Some websites that require you to fill in your information will support AutoFill. If it does, the AutoFill option will come up on your phone. Just press this to automatically add your details. You can also tap the customise button to save or edit details for the next time.
If you want to enter the competition for a friend/family you can also tap “other contact”, to fill in someone else’s information. (Check the terms of the competition).

Add CompSpot To Your Homescreen

Another useful tip for entering competitions is to add the CompSpot website to your home screen. Whilst on the CompSpot page click the rectangular box with the arrow pointing upward in the tab at the bottom.
Then scroll down and click the “Add to Home Screen” option. This will automatically add it to your home screen and it will look like an app. This will save you time when searching for competitions to enter.
Enter competitions in Australia quickly
Enter Online Competitions to win cash and prizes

You can always customise this quite easily or add extra icons. Perhaps the app icon will take you directly to add competition, forum or to view your CompPoints. 

Do you prefer entering competitions on desktop, mobile or both? 
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