Winning words or less competitions can be tricky. They’re not only daunting, they can be tough too. 

It’s hard trying to answer some of the competition questions and stick out from the crowd.

Perhaps, this is where Japanese poetry comes in…

What is a Haiku? 

A Haiku is a traditional Japanese poem which comprises, in the English version as  three short lines. 

Traced back as far as the 9th century, the lines are typically unrhymed and consist of five, seven and five syllables. It usually consist of 20 or fewer words.  

Typically, the subject is often nature, however it’s not always the case. 

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Pick a subject (The Prize, emotion from winning)
  2. Start writing, be sure to count the syllables and words. Make sure there are no more than 20 of each. (Use our word counter to assist) 
  3. Check your grammar.
  4. Most Haiku’s don’t rhyme, use alliteration, similes or metaphors….don’t be afraid to break the rules! 
  5. Have fun and share your efforts in the forum. Also, don’t forget to save it to the Notepad. 
  6. Hopefully receive call or email to say that you’ve won a prize! 

Have you ever won a prize using a Haiku? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below. 

Here’s our effort:

That winning feeling

Entering competitions 

This is a Haiku

Oh man!