Promote Your Comp!

Are You A Competition Promoter Who Would Like Your Comp To Be Seen By As Many People As Possible?
CompSpot Can Help!

Anyone can register for an account at CompSpot and add competitions at no cost.

We fully encourage you to add any competitions that you are running, as long as they do not fall into one of the following categories:

  • Competitions that require a payment for entry (‘Purchase required’ comps, where the entrant has to buy a product to enter the competition, are acceptable as long as the product is sold at its regular retail value. Competitions that require additional payments will be removed)
  • Competitions that require the entrant to receive a sales call of any kind

Get More Entries!

If you are serious about reaching a wide audience with your competition, we have a couple of options that can help.

The first is to give your competition ‘Featured Comp‘ status.

Featured Comps are highlighted at the top of our main competitions page, and don’t get pushed down by newly added comps. This ensures that everyone who visits the site sees them.

You can choose to feature your comp for either three days ($10) or seven days ($20).

Get Social!

The other way that we can help promote your comp is via our email list and Facebook group.

We run one of the busiest Facebook groups for competitions in Australia, with over 3000 members.

We also send a weekly email newsletter that highlights our favourite competitions each week.

For a payment of only $40 we will:

  • Include your competition in the newsletter
  • Pin it to the top of our Facebook group for 7 days
  • Make it a ‘Featured Comp’ on CompSpot for 7 days.

Get Started!

To get started, all you need to do is register and add your competition.

You can then email us at with the subject line ‘Promoted Comps’ and let us know which of the services you are interested in.

Payments can be made via any major credit or debit card.

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