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Gamevice Mobile Madness Giveaway

Expires May 25, 2019
Gamevice is excited to announce this Mobile Madness Giveaway ending on May 25th at 11:59pm PST. Twelve lucky winners will be chosen and…

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At CompSpot we don’t only find the best competitions from other websites, we run our own as well!

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How To Win Words Or Less Competitions: Haiku’s

Winning words or less competitions can be tricky. They're not only daunting, they can be tough too.  It's hard trying to answer some of the competition questions and stick out from the crowd. Perhaps, this is where Japanese poetry comes in... What is a Haiku?  A Haiku...

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Interview With A Winner

For most of us, winning a major prize is nothing more than a dream, however this interview with David W shows that dreams can come true!  David is 35 years old and has been comping since he was 17. Since then he has won over $150,000 worth of prizes, from...

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Get Inspired!

Does it sometimes feel like you never win anything, and that you are never going to win anything? That's not unusual, we all go through dry spells. You just have to keep entering competitions until you finally get that win. To keep you inspired and...

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