“Who likes entering competitions?” “Me, me, me…..”
“Who likes entering words or less competitions?”
*silence, followed by crickets chirping…
The beauty of words or less competitions is that people generally don’t like entering them. As a result, there are less entrants and a better chance to win.
Also, the prizes are usually awesome!
On the down-side, words or less competitions are time consuming, you have to use your brain, think outside the box…it’s tough.
Before you enter a WOL competition, ask yourself this: Do I really want to win this prize?
If the answer is no, then don’t waste your time. 
If it’s yes, then follow the steps given below. 

Breakdown of a Winning Competition Entry

I’m going to show you how I bagged myself a double pass to one of the most influential metal bands of all time!
Here is the process:
    1. Answer the question.
    2. Associate words
    3. Make it rhyme
    4. Make it funny
    5. Look for inspiration
    6. Ensure it’s under 25 wol
    7. Imagine you’re the judge
    8. Keep it simple
    9. Grammar is important
The competition was listed on our website in December 2019.
Triple M were the ones offering the tickets and, in their words, “Shows don’t come more spectacular than this!”
The question: In 25 WOL, describe what your favourite Iron Maiden song is and why?
I’ve never been a huge Iron Maiden fan. In fact, I couldn’t even name one of their songs. However, my cousin used to listen to them when we were kids and I knew I’d remember some of the tunes.
Knowing that he’d be interested in going if I won, I entered.
I don’t enter competitions I don’t want to win. I understand that some people will enter anything and gift or sell the prizes, but I don’t have much time these days, so I pick and choose.
Anyway, back to the story….

Getting Started with Words or Less Comps

The first step is a combination of answering the question and looking for your first line. I try to end the first line with a word that can be rhymed with easily.
Here’s my thought process on combinations of what the first line could be:
  1. My favourite Iron Maiden song is….
  2. An Iron Maiden song that is my favourite…
  3. What is my favourite Iron Maiden song?
  4. “Insert song” is my favourite Iron Maiden song…
  5. Iron Maiden’s “insert song” is my favourite….
  6. Iron Maiden’s “insert song” is the best…
The list goes on but hopefully you get the idea. It’s a starting point.
My next step would be to use the RhymeSpot tool to see what rhymes with the endings of the examples above.
I typed; “is”, “favourite”, “Maiden”, “best” and “song” into RhymeSpot.
In this case, I decided to pick “song” as there were numerous options.
When looking at the rhyming words, “along” stuck out. Which then resulted in me thinking of singing along.
Tools for winning competitions
I searched Spotify and saw that “Run to the Hills” was the song that had been listened to the most. Once i listened to it, I recognised it instantly.
Winning competitions strategies
I also found a website which listed the top 20 Iron Maiden songs of all time. Under each song, there was a description of each song. It described “Run to the Hills” as the “Catchiest song of all time”.
I like to use the word counting tool as I’m going through this process as it’s easier to remove words and edit.
Using all the info above, I wrote down:
“Run to the hills is my favourite song,
Ultimate chorus to sing along,
Catchiest metal song of all time,”

The Final Touch

At this point though I realised there was no humour in it, so the goal for the final line was to make it funny.
Using RhymeSpot again, I typed in “time”. One of the options that came up was “rhyme”, and that’s what I had ultimately created. A really bad Iron Maiden rhyme that was, quite frankly, lame.
So I apologised to the person that had to sit through and read all of the entries….and I won!
“Run to the hills is my favourite song,
Ultimate chorus to sing along,
Catchiest metal song of all time,

Apologies for this Iron Maiden rhyme!”


Final Thoughts

As you can see, it didn’t take anything special to win this competition.
There was no need to have an in-depth knowledge of the Iron Maiden back-catalogue, or a degree in English literature.
All that was needed was a little bit of effort, and some help from RhymeSpot.
I’m sure there are lots of people reading this thinking “I could have come up with a better answer that that!”…and that is the point. A lot of the time the competition isn’t that tough.
So, next time you see a words or less competition that you like the look of, don’t ‘Run for the Hills’, follow this process and give it a shot!
Oh man!