If you’re serious about entering competitions, then you’ll know about the great competitions that Network Ten offer.

The competitions on offer are some of the best and most popular in Australia.
Over the years, channel ten and network 10 have offered some terrific prizes for competition enthusiasts to win. Their competitions have also been incredibly varied and have included:
  • Opportunity to win a premium private screenings
  • The chance to win a $10,000 bedroom makeover
  • A shot at winning a Subaru Outback
  • Win a luxurious lunch for 7 friends
  • Win tickets to LA premiere of X-men
All of the Tenplay competitions are free to enter, however you will need an account. You can create an account quite easily by signing up here.
An added benefit of having a Tenplay account is to get exclusive access to videos and updates on your favourite shows.
Tenplay competitions are usually really straightforward to enter as your personal details are automatically filled out in the entry form..
The competitions offered by Ten Network vary from random draws to skill based competitions.
Sometimes, their random draw competitions require a codeword in order to qualify. Usually, these codewords can be found by watching a specific show on Channel Ten.
However, CompSpot members have the benefit of adding and sharing these codewords. Adding a codeword is really simple, just type it into the “Codeword” box when adding a competition.
If you haven’t created the competition or there are new codewords each day, these can easily be added to the comments section underneath the competition.
When it comes to their skill based competitions, they usually have a 25 words or less requirement. These competitions usually have less entrants as they can be more difficult to answer and require entrants to think outside the box.
If you’re serious about entering competitions, then you’ll know that these are the ones you should definitely be entering. CompSpot members have the ability to use the RhymeSpot tool to assist with these types. Get inspired and post your entry into the WordCounter tool to ensure you don’t go over the limit!
One thing to remember when entering 10 competitions. Always check the terms and conditions. The reason for this? The majority of them let you enter numerous times.
“A limit of one entry per day per 10 Play manner applies” is typically found in the terms. Considering the competitions usually last for about 3 weeks, you could potentially have 21 entries into each one.
If you’re ever lucky enough to be the winner of one of these great competitions there is one little drawback….you won’t be eligible to win another one for 12 months. A small price to pay considering the benefits!
Have you ever won a ten network competition? We’d love to hear from you.
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